Welcome from Felicity

I am Felicity Fly,

My dream is to fly up to the sky

I meet some lovely characters along the way

Here they all are, they will make your day…

I’m Moey Mouse and I like good food

It always puts me in a jolly mood.

Willamena Woodlouse, I like sleeping

I spend my time thinking and dreaming.

I’m William Washing Machine

I keep clothes fresh and clean.

I’m Simon Spider, I scare some people

But I don’t really mean to.

I’m a singer and I sing with a swish

My name is Sissy Silverfish

Veronica Vac is my name

Keeping carpets from dust is my aim.

  • Felicity Fly

    "Hi I'm Felicity, I'm flighty, mighty, buzzy and fuzzy"

  • Daniella Dragon Fuit

    "I am very nutritious, I have a lovely pink jacket and I look delicious."

  • Pablo Pineapple

    "Pablo Pineapple is my name, I’m full of vitamins A,B and C, making me very healthy"

  • Brassica Broccoli

    "I’m Brassica Broccoli., I’m very healthy. I help protect the nations from disease, to keep away those coughs and sneezes"

  • Tarquin Tomato

    "Tarquin Tomato is my name and singing brought me fame. I’m full of vitamins C and A , to keep you healthy and brighten your day"

  • Sissy Silverfish

    "Hi I'm Sissy Silverfish; I'm slimy, shiny and scuttle with a swish"

  • William Washing Machine

    "Hello I'm William Washing machine, I look after clothes, I'm every parents dream"

  • Willamena Woodlouse

    "Hi I'm Willamena Woodlouse I'm laid back and chilled, check me out in the book, you will be thrilled"

  • Simon Spider

    "Hi I'm Simon Spider I'm quick on my feet, my web designs are very neat"

  • Moey Mouse

    "Hi! I'm Moey Mouse; I'm meek and mild as I scurry about the house"

  • Veronica Vac

    "I am Veronica Vac, For vacuuming up dust, I have the knack"

  • Bernice Bumblebee

    "I'm from Alabama and my name is Bernice Bumblebee, I love sunflowers they fill me with glee"

  • Lizibet Ladybird

    "My name is Lizibet Ladybird - I love flower's and wandering round the garden for hours"

  • Dakota Dragonfly

    "I'm Dakota dragonfly, I'm chilled and cool but I'm nobody's fool"

  • Brianna Beetle

    "My name is Brianna Beetle - My lovely coat is as black as treacle"

  • Baahir Butterfly

    "I am a butterfly and my name is Baahir - My dazzling brilliance of colours will make you cheer"

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